Tip of the Scepter

"So Esther approached and touched the tip of the scepter."

A twenty-two year old female college student working on becoming the woman of God she was called to be. Not by my doing, but by His alone.

Holding to the Five Solas of the Reformation.
Spending lots of time in prayer.

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When I accidentally let something slip about my ED to someone who doesn’t know




my coffee is cooling off strangely and like half of each sip is cool and the other half is warm science side explain the thing

I sorta emailed into work…waiting to hear if they actually have anything for me to do because I’m not driving back to school to sit in a basement all day doing nothing. Hopefully if they do it’s something I can do from my computer, like usual, and I can just be like “Ok I’ll work from home” but the office manager won’t be in for a little while longer yet sooo


Spring 2014. Never forget.


Spring 2014. Never forget.

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Tonight I made it through “When You Woke that Thursday Morning” without crying #winning

I mean it was probably because it was the first hymn if it had been any of the others I totally would have lost it

cause I definitely almost lost it during “Not all the Blood of Beasts”

When several people trigger you in one day







How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irish man? 




just like the population of Ireland during the Great Famine

history nerds are the best.

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Fun game for Good Friday



Tune into the local CCM station.

  • Drink if the song is positive/uplifting/otherwise in poor taste for Good Friday.
  • Drink every time you hear “Alleluia.”
  • Two drinks if you hear the words “God’s not dead” in sequence, no matter what the context is.
  • Finish your drink every time the announcer says something about what a nice day it is.
  • Lose if the announcer acknowledges Good Friday.

Have fun! ;)



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I need to leave in twenty minutes

I’m still in my robe

I also need to take meds apparently 

I should probs really look into seeing a doctor about this

I will also be bringing drinks to dinner

I forgot I also have a family gathering on Saturday night so I think I’m investing in a flask

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also srsly important ?

can I bring supplies for screwdrivers/mimosas to Easter breakfast my entire family has begun hinting I should seriously try online dating??

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I have a migraine and don’t want to go to class but I have to because we’re covering lease agreements and now I feel like an adult for saying that

Realizing that eating slightly more or slightly less one day is actually more normal than eating exactly the same number every day




mod note: It’s always a good idea to check with a dietitian/therapist to make sure you’re meeting your physical/emotional needs, especially if you’re concerned about a possible relapse. But also: some variation in diet is normal! People without eating disorders have some days where they feel less hungry, and some days where they feel more hungry, or where they eat a bit more than average or a bit less. The point is that 1) they are honoring their hunger cues rather than trying to control them, and 2) they are still meeting their physical needs as an average, and 3) are doing so without extreme variation (e.g., severe restricting followed by binge eating). 

I’m thinking tacos for dinner tonight

imma need some tequila